Quality equipment is essential to an extraordinary event, and it can be the secret ingredient to bringing your dream event to life.
Here are our equipment that make your dreams a reality:



Our massive marquee tents are the solution to having outdoor events. Available in 15m and 30m, our tents can accommodate events of all sizes, from small gatherings, to outdoor weddings, to large corporate events. With our certified professional equipment, we can turn a barren parking lot into a vibrant and lively venue. You can customise your venue, and let us bring your imagination to life.


Our army of Arabian tents is versatile and can be used for any occasion, such as markets, parties, exhibitions, road shows, and much more! You can’t go wrong with our Arabian tents. We currently have them in 2 sizes: 6mx6m, and 10mx10m. Feature them side by side to convey a grand bazaar event. 


Want to have a pop-up store by the beach? Or want to scope out an area for your new business? Our portable 3x6m Magic Cube is the perfect option for you! The Magic Cube will be your modern pop-up store that can be moved anytime, anywhere! The magic doesn’t stop there, watch people stare in amazement at the sight of an intriguing glass building appear in the least likeliest of places. 


Accentuate your event with personalized images and videos on a grand, vivid LED screen. Compared to the traditional fixed stage backdrop, the LED screen adds a touch of excitement to your event, with changing and moving images, personalized wordings and messages, and any kind of graphics. Our P3.8 LED screen is of exceptional quality with a high resolution display, and your guests will surely be entertained by the bright, colourful, and dynamic display. Complete your event with our quality LED screen!


With the exterior of the event taken care of, the only thing left to hype-up your event is to have incredible sound and lights! Great sound and lighting will create a lively ambience and change the atmosphere of the event. Let us transform your venue with bright and moving lights, and high-resolution audio to achieve the look and feel of your imagination!


Want to add that extra excitement to your event? Then utilize our professional equipment! Contact us and find out more!